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Wednesday, 07 January 2009 22:11

WTE female E

Female E hatched in late April 2008 at a nest at Flatoya on the island of Frøya 80-90klm NW of the city of Trondheim in west central Norway. On 16th June E was one of five chicks collected on Frøya by ornithologists Bertil Nyheim, S. Garstad, and F. Pedersen from Prosject Havørn (Project Sea Eagle). On 20th June E weighed almost 6 kilos (5950g), the heaviest eagle chick collected in 2008.Based on tail length E was estimated to be 8½ weeks old. On 21st June E was flown from Trondheim to Kerry along with 19 other eaglets and was housed in a large cage in Killarney National Park with Hitra female D.

On 30th July we attached PVC wing-tags (white on right and red on left) and a battery-powered GPS satellite transmitter to allow us to identify and track E in the wild. The 105g LC4 PTT from Microwave Telemetry takes single GPS fixes each day with the data transmitted to Argos on day 10. To allow us to track E in real time we also attached a small, lightweight Vhf tailmount transmitter (Biotrack). This will be lost when she moults the tail feather used for attachment in early-mid 2009. On 7th August E was released along with seven other eaglets.

Over the next several weeks E has largely been located on the shore of the Lower Lake, Killarney, where food dumps have been maintained twice a week for the first 2-3 months post-release.

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