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Common Raven sightings

Here is the status of all Common Raven sightings. To view the sightings on a map, select the option from the dropdown below. All "queued" sightings will be investigated by the project leads, however progress is dependent on their busy work schedules. If you have reported a sighting and it has yet to be investigated, thanks for your consideration and patience.

Common Ravensightingsreclass inreclass outtotalconfirmedin queue
0+ 1-110
17 May 2012
Dollymount/Bull Island
Dublin, IE
Test Man

Note: about reclassifed sightings
Sightings initially reported as a certain species may get reclassified to another species by the project leads during the course of their investigation. Sightings initially reported as a different species but later reclassified to this species are labelled as "reclass in", while those transferred out are labelled as "reclass out".

Note: about sighting locations
There have been some enquiries regarding the sighting location which is listed beside the sighting. The sighting location serves to provide an approximate location for reference and automatically is set to the nearest geographic landmark location in the vicinity of the exact sighting coordinates.This means, for example, if you reported a sighting somewhere near to Bull island in Dublin then your sighting location would be listed here as Bull island. Note the actual exact location of the reported sighting is still recorded and will be available once the sighting has been confirmed by one of the project leads (the sighting text is green).