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WTE male L

WTE Male L WTE Male L (c) Allan Mee

Male L hatched in late April 2008 at a nest at Storsteinvart on the island of Frøya 80-90klm NW of the city of Trondheim in west central Norway. On 16th June L was also collected on Frøya by ornithologists Bertil Nyheim, S. Garstad, and F. Pedersen from Prosject Havørn (Project Sea Eagle).

On 20th June L weighed just over four kilos (4050g) and was estimated to be seven weeks old. On 21st June L was flown from Trondheim to Kerry along with 19 other eaglets and was housed in a large cage in Killarney National Park with Vikna male K. On 30th July we attached PVC wing-tags (white on right and red on left) and a solar-powered GPS satellite transmitter. The 70g solar PTT-100 from Microwave Telemetry takes GPS fixes every hour during daylight hours with the data transmitted to Argos on day 3. On 14th August L was released along with nine other eaglets.

Over the next several weeks L has largely also been mostly located on the shore of the Lower Lake, Killarney. Almost no GPS satellite data were received over the first month post-release probably due to very poor weather conditions throughout August and the first half of September with almost total cloud cover (aka "the Irish summer" !). Happily the unit began transmitting GPS data again in mid-September with the return of some sunshine!

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