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Friday, 27 November 2009 17:23

Conall Ok after our "wee" scare

Conall Map Nov 09 Conall Map Nov 09 (c) Lorcan O Toole

Just a brief one.

Satellite data just in, Conall came back to roost south of Glencar Lough on the night of 23rd/24th Nov. This is some 11km away from the feeding area in Lurganboy and is a safer and quiter place to roost. It obviously has a pretty good mapping system, as it is clearly finding its way around Leitrim and returning to favoured roosting spots.

It has now gone between over 70km away from its nest site. (When, I was putting in these figures my brain automatically switched to "protection mode" i.e don't give an exact distance, in case some clever clogs could use it to pin point last year's nest.)

There is a White-tailed Eagle in County Leitrim today as well - see web site. I wonder will the two birds interact over the next week or so? Birdwatchers had a great time watching a White-tailed Eagle and Golden Eagle over Pollan Dam, Buncrana, Donegal last Summer.

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