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Tuesday, 24 November 2009 11:32

Occasional blog regarding Golden Eagle chick Conall

Conall Map Nov 09 Conall Map Nov 09 (c) Lorcan O Toole

This will be an occasional ad-hoc update, as often as additional information comes to the fore that is not obvious from the Tracking data relayed on the website.

I can already see the emails asking for more details and more frequent updates! But the Golden Eagle Trust does not have the resources to satisfy the wishes of some keen supporters of the project for constant updates. Our emphasis and focus will firmly remain on conservation management on a daily basis. Though we will divert as much energy as possible to Promotion and web site activity as is feasible for a busy under resourced charity. Additionally, we will not add in comments on the maps themselves, unless something noteworthy occurs.

So please do not expect regular periodic updates - this is just an avenue for giving occassional added value to the Satellite maps.

Monday 23rd November 2009
Several phone-calls came in this morning of a Golden Eagle feeding on a dead sheep in a field near Lurganboy, Manorhamilton, County Leitrim. (Thank you, "Max" for the reports). Apparently, the eagle was quite slow to take off on the approach of the observer. This sometimes happens when immature birds have gorged themsleves on carrion, especially if they are feeding on low-lying or flat ground where there is less chance of catching updraughts during a take-off.

However, in light of previous incidents involving "groggy" kites or eagles that had consumed poison, it was a slight worry.

A member of Birdwatch Ireland checked out the location at lunchtime and they reported that the carcass, the eagle was feeding on, was actually a Fox (Thank you M.C.).

So hopefully Conall will have eaten enough food to get him over the next few days. This recent spate of poor weather will have been a real test for an inexperienced eagle, wandering around an unfamiliar landscape, trying to locate enough carrion or prey.

It will be interesting to see where Conall goes next, will he settle in Leitrim for a spell or will he make a brief return visit to Glenveagh?

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