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Wednesday, 27 February 2008 00:00

Red kite in Kildare

At present there are probably twenty-four kites in the general release area. I say probably as a number of them have dropped their radios so I have to rely on reading their wing tags, which can be a little tricky to say the least. We know two kites are dead, so there may be four others out here touring the country. I often get reports on kites in different parts of the country and while some of these turn out to be common buzzards some are indeed kites. These reports are important in helping us track the dispersal of the kites so if you see one make sure to let me know.

On the week of the 11th of February I headed towards Naas in search of a kite that had been reported to me. The person that had spotted the kite had seen its' wing tags so it was a kite for sure. Once I got near the area where the bird was spotted the radio picked its' signal up. It didn't take too much driving around to finally spot the bird alive and well, soaring over a stubble field in search of a feed. Two common buzzards also in the area, so there is obviously lots of prey around. The kite is purple "e", e being the letter on its' tag.

The kite may decide to stay put where it is as it has found itself a nice territory, in the absence of other kites however it may decide to continue on its' travels. Birds of prey like to breed where they themselves were raised, so although it's not going to breed this year it may head back to Wicklow this spring.

Thanks and well done to those that spotted it.


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