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Saturday, 05 March 2005 00:00

March 2005

The nest was monitored from a safe distance regularly during March. Both adult birds were observed near the nest site. The male bird still retained a thin band of white in the middle of its upper and lower wing. Some deer carcasses were left out opposite the nest during the first half of the month and though the eagles were not seen at the food dumps, small white flecks of white down and large white eagles splashes (faeces) suggested they were eating this carrion. We also left out sticks near the food but none of these were taken to the nest.

The female, Yellow Diagonal Bar, was first seen incubating on the 24th March 2005. Incubation went well throughout March with the male taking on the occasional bout of incubation with quick and deliberate changeovers.

On the 2nd and 4th March, Blue 5 was noted in the same area that it has favoured since April 2004 and again this could be an indication of a second territory with a single three year old male alongside the two other territorial pairs. On the 4th March Yellow Three Spots and Blue O’s radio signals were picked up briefly as they appeared to soar around a mountain on the edge of their territory prior to roosting. Frustratingly, I could not get a visual on the two birds and both signals faded and stopped at the same time suggesting a mutual flight path. Blue O was seen by John Cromie and colleagues in Birdwatch Ireland doing an undulating display flight on 23rd March but no other birds were seen associating with it.

There were unconfirmed reports of two immature Golden Eagles together in early March near St Finans Bay, Kerry in the extreme southwest of Ireland –some 412 km from Glenveagh. There were also records from Bin More Mountain in Tyrone and a record from near Spiddle in County Galway during March. Green F, Green X, Green H, Green K, Green N, Green A and Green T were all radio tracked or seen during the month in various parts of Donegal. Red K was noted again near Glenveagh on the 2nd March. Red F was again radio tracked in Donegal on the 23rd for the first time since 8th October 2004.

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