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Wednesday, 05 January 2005 00:00

January 2005

A third year bird (fourth calendar year), Blue 5, was radio tracked roosting with the first year eagles, near the release cages on the 7th January for one night only. On the 10th January Red K was radio tracked in Glenveagh and on the 19th January Red X was seen and radio tracked high soaring with a first year bird very close to the release cages. Red X had not been recorded since September 2004 and like several other second and third year birds has returned to Glenveagh very briefly, over the last few months.

On the 24th January, Yellow 3 Spots and Blue 5 were seen and radio tracked in South Donegal and an active radio signal from Green T was also noted in the same area. Joe recorded Blue O and Yellow 2 Spots in the same general area on Sunday 23rd January.

In early spring, Green C was noted to the north on the Inishowen peninsula, Green S has died and the other 8 first year birds have been noted alive in Glenveagh National Park up to mid January. The second and third year birds are still moving around quite widely and we hope one or two of the yellow-tagged (4th year) birds may establish territories in the coming season.

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