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Wednesday, 05 May 2004 00:00

May 2004

Five of the eleven birds released in 2003 were located in the Northwest during May. Five others have not been radio tracked since February or March and are presumed to have dispersed. The eleventh bird has a failed radio transmitter and has not been located recently. Red F was noted in the Blue Stacks and the Derryveagh Mountains during May. Red K, N and T were constantly found visiting different upland sites in the Derryveagh Mountains during the month also.

Red A was noted in the Blue Stacks on the 1-2nd May but had moved to County Fermanagh, near Tappaghan Mountain by the 3rd May. By the 19th it was radio tracked in the direction of the Ox Mountains, County Sligo and follow up radio tracking suggested it was actually further southwest possibly in the Nephin Beg Range in County Mayo by the 21st May.

There were no signs of territoriality noted during May. Yellow Diagonal Bar was not noted during the entire summer. Yellow Two Spots was radio tracked loafing and later roosting some 14km from its perceived home range centre in mid May. Subsequent radio tracking suggested it was moving around a wide area rather than settled or roosting in a favoured part of its territory. Blue O was radio tracked and seen in the Blue Stacks on the 21st May. Another Golden Eagle was reported from Inishboifin Island, County Mayo on the 16th May.

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