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December 2003

Yellow Horizontal Bar had been noted regularly near the park during October and November. Despite specific radio tracking searches for this bird it was not recorded during December or January. It would be disappointing if this three-year old female died. It may have dispersed in search of a better territory, in search of an established male or due to the presence of a large number of first year eagles. Alternatively, its transmitter/ battery may have failed and it could still be in the vicinity.

Red T was back in the Park on the 3rd December and Red S’s radio transmitter was heard working intermittently in the Park. Blue 8 and Blue 9 were noted at separate locations on the western Derryveagh Mountains on the same day.

The eagles attended the food dump opposite Glenveagh Castle most mornings but they did not frequent this area during the day. This low-lying site is near the bottom of Glenveagh where the glen begins to opens out. They spent more time loafing near the narrow head of the glen, which is at a higher altitude. Conversely, the Castle food dump regularly attracted 15-20 Hooded Crows during the day; whereas only 1-2 crows were occasionally seen at the food dumps in the head of the glen.

In early December Joe Kavanagh, a Birdwatch Ireland member from Leitrim, began to assist with radio tracking. Joe located Yellow Three Spot and Blue 0 in the eastern Blue Stacks on the 2nd. The next day they were recorded roosting there and Blue 5 was located on Boultypatrick, roosting in the remaining edge of a mature forestry block, which had been largely clear felled.

All the first year birds had been away from the Park, for at least short periods by 10th December. The second year eagles were quite nomadic and moved regularly between the Derryveagh and Blue Stack Mountains and elsewhere.

Frank King from Birdwatch Ireland received two separate visual records of an immature Golden Eagle in County Kerry in mid December. The sightings were east of Tralee and north of Killarney and were several days apart. We cannot confirm it was one of the released Golden Eagles. It is approx 330 km (over 200 miles) from Glenveagh National Park to North Kerry.

Red S was seen at the food dump on 18th and its transmitter was not working. Red A was seen foraging on the heather slopes of Errigal (Ulster’s highest mountain at 752m), in between the scree, on the same day.

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