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Wednesday, 05 November 2003 00:00

November 2003

In early November 10 of the 11 first year birds were regularly located by radio in Glenveagh National Park. The remaining bird, Red S, had a faulty radio transmitter. The food dumps were frequently moved around the park and the eagles normally located the food dumps within a day or two. The eagles were even enticed to a food dump across Lough Veagh opposite Glenveagh Castle, but there were few public visitors present each morning to enjoy the spectacle.

Yellow Horizontal Bar and Blue 4 were seen in the park with 7 first year birds on the 6th November. Red S was seen feeding the following day. Blue 0 was noted near Lough Barra on the 10th and Blue 9, the weak bird from 2002, was recorded near Dunlewey on the western edge of the park.

By mid November, Red T, Red X, Red O, Red K and Red L had been away from the park for brief spells whereas Red A, Red C and Red F were more sedentary. Red T had left the park by the 17th November and was located near Lough Salt on the 26th November. Blue 4 was in the Park again on the 22nd and 24th. Yellow Horizontal Bar and Blue 8 were noted to the east of the Park on the 24th also and Yellow Two Spots was located roosting on the 24th also.

Yellow Two Spots and Yellow Diagonal Bar were noted roosting on the same hillside after dark on 25th November. Yellow Diagonal Bar was last recorded in April and had not been noted since. Its radio transmitter may be failing. The same evening Blue 8 was noted east of the park roosting in some mature Larch trees (a known Raven nest site) on the edge of Meenaboll Forest.

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