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Wednesday, 05 February 2003 00:00

February 2003

A number of red deer carcasses were left out on the hillside in Glenveagh during snow on the 4th February. This was the last of the supplementary feeding this winter. Yellow Diagonal Bar came back into the Park in early February and was not located for the rest of the month. The other four second year birds were located regularly during the month.

Yellow One Spot was noted in several different areas all within 10km of each other during February, whilst Yellow Two Spots and Yellow Horizontal Bar were also noted in their respective areas during the month. Blue 9 was still quite inactive during February. The legs and cere of Blue 9 were a very pale/washed out yellow compared to the orange yellow ceres and scales on the legs of the other eagles. On the 26th she was noted in Glenveagh as usual but on the 28th of February she could not be located in the main Glen for the first time since she was released on the 12th September 2002.

The first-year birds were now spreading out into the Derryveagh Mountains by themselves, though 2, 3 or sometimes four birds would converge, near favoured locations, for periods during the day. All first-year birds were still within 20km of the release area at the end of the month.

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