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Monday, 30 November 2009 21:24

Conall shows off his aerial ability

Conall wanders around Glencar Conall wanders around Glencar

After roosting on some crags to the south of Glencar Lough earlier in the week, Conall roosted on the north side of Glencar Lough on Wens. night. We could more or less pick out the tree in which it was roosting at 5.00 am in the morning. People visiting the beautiful Glencar Waterfall, can now genuinely be told that Golden Eagles occasionally visit the area and once bred in the nearby hills. I wonder what W.B. Yeats would think of eagles returning to the landscape he was so found of?

Got a phonecall on Friday, from a man in Keshcarrigan, Leitrim who had watched a immature Golden Eagle, on and off for 4 hours, soaring high over the hills at Slieve Anierin, Leitrim (east of Lough Allen) ( thank you John). He was amazed how bright and radiant the white plumage patches in the middle of the wing and at the base of the tail were, on this first year Golden Eagle. I was pleased that the bird was obviously in good shape and keeping its plumage clean during this spell of wet weather.

John said he also saw two ring-tail Hen Harriers (female of immature harriers, mostly brown with obvious white band at base of tail) flying nearby at the time. John had been in Donegal on numerous occassions and never seen an eagle. Where will Conall's journey lead to next?

It is extremely likely that this was Conall, which had moved up to 40km to the south from Glencar, where it had been tracked foraging at 7 am earlier in the day.

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