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Thursday, 27 March 2008 22:15

Kites on the move

It's come to that time of the year when the kites may go in search of a territory of their own. The communal roost has thinned out recently and I only recorded six birds at the roost yesterday. Some of the kites are going further than others in search of a new patch, with a report coming in today of a kite in Dalkey. Over the last few weeks reports of kites have come in from all over Wicklow.

On the down side it does making keep tabs on the kites a lot more time consuming, on the plus side a lot more people are going to be seeing the kites in the coming weeks (and hopefully letting me know!). While a good number of the kites seem to be leaving the area that has been home to them for the last few months, one kite has returned after an absence of five months. Kite "purple e" who I recently reported was in Co. Kildare turned up back Wicklow today, maybe some of the other early explorers may return in the coming weeks.

While the number of kites I now see on a daily basis is dwindling, there's new and interesting things happening. Today I had two kites side by side on top of a dead tree sharing a meal. After putting the scope on them I eventually got to see that what they were eating was a small rabbit. I know from looking at buzzard nests in the area that there are plenty of rabbits around. The two kites looked very cozy and there was lots of calling. Kite "purple B" and "purple Z" were the two kites in question, a male and a female, so I'll be keeping an eye on them in the coming weeks.


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